July 15, 2006


Partnership on designing high school looks like a really good idea. How can it be expanded. It is practical to do this for "all" students. Or is this the future for education. What about the let down when the project is done? How do the school insure everyone is involved. How is it evaluated?

Tech integration is obvious - autocad, email, math etc. etc.

Managing partnerhips could be challenging. I am always wary of mixing business in the schools - ie coke, advertising etc. However if this is well managed, there is lots of potential. Perhaps risks are less with more local companies where relationships might be closer.

July 14, 2006


Finding measurable goals and then actually measuring them is a considerable challenge for many school districts. Goals are not serious unless they are measurable, but they have to be relatively simple to be measured. Unfortunately the goal which needs to be measured - student learning - is extremely difficult to measure in any way which makes sense. This was a major struggle for me when writing the 2004 tech plan.

Some of the ideas on the grid will be helpful in coming up with some realistic measuring strategies.

July 13, 2006

vision planning

I would pass the logo part to the our PR person. Hints for preparing visions are helpful. Multi-media demo is evidence of need for multi-faceted use of tech in our schools. I remain a bit of a skeptic of how useful vision statements really are. It is very difficult to get them well known and wide spread. The energy spent in doing so could perhaps be more wisely spent actually implementing technology.

July 11, 2006

relevance of plans

Without state and federal funding, planning is at least partly irrelevant. Perhaps a useful exercise, but not as helpful as it could be.

July 7, 2006

initial thoughts

Initial thoughts for campus week - overwhelmed. I can't imagine how anyone attends school full time and also works. Some even do it with kids. Too much reading - much of it obtuse. The long tome on learning theory seemed overkill, but maybe I am too practical. Ideas on how to create a useable plan - one which is more than meeting state requirements - would be helpful. The 2007 plan will be a bit easier having done the 2004 one, but still a challenge.