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Two chinese artists

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Wang qingsong

His artwork is very interesting in comparison to the art I have seen. I am used to seeing paintings, not abstract photos. They are good, I am not saying they are bad, but they are interesting to me either way. His way of using past paintings to inspire his own is unique and causes people to think about what the meaning is. The art shows abstract views of how society is with the naked people grouped together in a strange or bad place. It speaks about the problems with some societies and inspires change in the society. It has himself as an actor in the art, which seems to me that he wants to show how an artist gets into his work, but in the literal sense.


Zhang’s artwork is very interesting as well. It has a different feel than Wang’s because has people being seen in a strange way. It seems to show different sides of things people do not tend to see. They are for the most part is only a bit abstract and seem to need some understanding of what the art is before it is possible to understand the meaning of it. They show a new and unique side of what can be seen in the everyday world and makes me think about that in different ways.