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Welcome to the Class Blog

Congratulations! You've found the class blog. The main reasons we have a class blog are to provide everyone in the class with a space to review key concepts about anatomy & physiology and to keep up with class announcements.

Part of your participation grade is based on your involvement with the class blog. You need to post at least two comments on this blog every week. Also, Murray (your PsTL 1135 professor) and I are working on research looking at how podcasting and blogging impact the learning experiences of undergraduate students. If you agree to participate in this research project by completing survey forms, your name will be put into a drawing for an iPod Nano. The iPod will be given away during the last week of class.

Also, since this is the first entry for the blog, please answer these questions:

Are you excited about studying anatomy & physiology this semester? Why or why not?

To respond to this question, click on the "Comments" link below. You need to put in a "name" that the comments will be posted under--you do not have to use your real name. Also, you need to enter an email address--please use your real UM email address so that you will get credit for posting.

Email me with your questions or you post questions as you comment. Thanks.


Wats up dis is Danny Vang.

I'm a little bit of both excited and nervous. I'm nervous because I hope the course work isn't to rough and excited because I'm now in college.

Yes i am really excited for studying anatomy and physiology this semester but at the same time I'm getting nervous because its going to be tough. I mean i have taken an anatomy and physiology course in high school but i know its going to be more indepth.

I'm excited for class to started and I can't wait to get started.

I am excited to be in this class but then I am very intimidated by the course title. My expectations for the class is set pretty high right now, but then hopefully things will turn out alot better than what I am thinking of.

I am really excited for this class but more nervous than ever. I took a human bio class in high school which i loved so much and i am excited about studying it again.

I am really looking forward to this class. I enjoy learning about the human body and how it all comes together.

I am really excited to learn about human anatomy and physiology this semester because the course is new to me, and I just can't wait to meet my instructor and classmates. At the same time I am also nervous and concerned because I have never taken human anatomy and physiology before. But, with my diligence I believe I will be able to do well in the course.

I am excited to get into a class room atmosphere where everyone is excited to strt learning and is not just forced into it.

Yes i am really excited to to come learn about anatomy and Physiology. I have been waiting for this moment to come. Being able to come to college and learn something new everyday is one of my greatest accomplishment this semester to come.

J.T. I hope u choose me to win the iPod lol!! Is this 2 comments for this week now??

Yes...i have been really excited about coming to anatomy and physiology studying about the many great thing that is in store for me. I can't wait to learn about the bones and muscle tissue.

Well, this week has gone by quite fairly, not too bad I suppose. Everything went by smoothely and homework is almost done.This weekend is going to be great! =)

Want to win a free iPod? Participate in Professor Goldfish and JT's research project. Good luck!

I'm thinking about pursuing a career in the medical field so I am really excited to learn more about human anatomy and physiology! I have taken the course in high school but am a little intimidated by the college level. :D

I wish that our class can go a little bit longer. I feel that in lab we do stuff that were just mentioned in lecture and stuff in lecture goes by so fast. Then our class digs into it. But oh well, i guess this is college huh. :D anybody feel the same?