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This image is similar to the x-ray of my cousin's femur taken on Monday. He had surgery on Wednesday to remove the femur and had a rod placed in his leg instead. It was a long surgery--about eight and a half hours, but he is doing well. Instead of harvesting bone cells from his other femur, the doctor used bone from a cadaver to fuse the rod to bone.

Is it ethical to use tissue from cadavers for surgeries such as this?


Yes, it is. That's because cadavers are dead bodies that are donated, so it is fine to use them for surgeries. Besides, helping a person's life is important than keeping every part of cadavers together without getting any good out of them.

Couldn't really see the picture J.T. lol, But all i saw was just an arrow not sure where it is pointing too. As i believe it is eithical to use tissue from cadaver for surgeries, maybe it is better to help the process to heal faster.

Well, since they've donated their bodies to science, it should be okay. I don't know if you can argue that it's unethical because it's the person's decision (to donate their body). One question though, do the patients know that they're getting tissues (etc.) from cadavers?

Yes I believe that it is ethical although it depends on how dead the cadavers are. Sometimes when doctors are pressed by families of waiting patients they grab bones from accident victims fresh off the pavement. Rarely do the bones not match with it's new body but it can happen which would lead to another surgery to replace the bad part. In all it is a better alternative to not having a limb.

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I do think that it is ethical because we do use other body organs and parts from human cadavers. This isn't any different. in plus it seems more logical and i think it should be safe becuase of how our society is growing in technology.