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The Body Planes


Identify the planes you see in the image. (HINT: Which plane is cutting across the body so that it is cut into two parts (inferior and superior)?))


the one spliting the person in half from right to left is the sagittal plane, the one that splits the upper body from the lower is the transverse or horizontal plane, and the one that cuts the person from front to back is the frontal or coronal plane

the sagital the line that cuts the body in half between midline from the left and right.

I c the Sagittal plane, Transverse/Horizontal plane, and Frontal plane.

*The Transverse plane divides the body into inferior and superior body parts*

The plane that cuts the body into two parts, inferior and superior is transverse or horizontal plane.

I see the Coronal Plane (Frontal Plane),Sagittal Plane (Lateral Plane),Axial Plane (Transverse Plane),Median plane.

Axial Plane (Transverse Plane) will tell you what is inferior and superior.