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Kidney Anatomy


(1) Please explain the difference between the following in terms of function: the pelvis, medulla, and cortex.

(2) In which part of the kidney will you find the renal pyramids?

(3) In which part of the kidney will you find nephrons? (What is a nephron?)


Can we review some of the 1135 test in class on Thursday?

The kidney consists of two parts: an outer cortex and an inner medulla. Both the cortex and the medulla surround the renal sinus. Extending from the cortex to the renal sinus are renal pyramids and surrounding the tips of the renal pyramids are calyces. All the calyces join together to form the renal pelvis, a funnel which collects the urine and let it leave the kidney through the ureter. A nephron is a functional unit of the kidney. It is found in both the cortex and the medulla.