Herman Cain Denies 13-Year-Long Affair

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Herman Cain denied allegations that he had carried on a 13-year affair with Atlanta business woman Ginger White.

Tuesday afternoon White told WAGA TV in Atlanta saying there are documents to back up her allegations in the form of phone and texting records.

"It was pretty simple. It wasn't complicated, and I was aware that he was married and I was aware that I was involved in an inappropriate situation," ABC News reported.

Before the Atlanta new station aired White's story, Cain, in a preemptive strike went on CNN saying he knew the allegation was coming and denied having sexual relations with the woman he said he knew for 13 years.

"The thing that I'm worried about is the impact it's going to have on my family because they should not be subjected to false accusations that cannot be proved," Cain, an ordained Baptist minister, said.

Cain has had two women from the National Restaurant Association talk to media outlets alleging sexual harassment against the presidential candidate. Sharon Beal said that Cain groped her when she asked for help with her job, and Karen Crasshower received a 46,000 dollar settlement after Cain propositioned her for sex.

Cain's lawyers didn't speak on the subject. They said the matters were private and not appropriate matters for media to discuss.

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