Minneapolis schools to reopen as part of changing enrollment

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The Minneapolis School District will be reopening schools that were once closed due to an expected increase in enrollment.

Over the next five years there will be about 2,000 new students in the K-8 schools, and Tuesday night the school board approved the reopening of two schools to make room for the expanding number of students.

The Howe school building will be reopened after being vacant for years and in the 2013 school year it will serve as a school from preschool to fifth grade. Additionally the Webster building, which is currently being used for administration will reopen as an early childhood center.

Michael Thomas, Associate Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools, told KARE 11, "We have worked very closely with the community through numerous community engagement sessions to get their input." He also said the school district worked with building, administration, and central administration staff to come up with a comprehensive plan that will benefit students.

The developments will occur over the next few years with some schools reopening as early as 2012, and the district has already begun contacting parents.

The new schools will mean new jobs for licensed teachers, paraprofessionals, councilors, and special education staff. The district says it will have a better idea of staff requirements in spring.

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