Minnesota boy genius could have a doctorate by 18

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Most students enter college hoping to find a career, study hard but party harder and graduate in three or four years, but 11-year-old Lucas Kramer could have a doctorate by the time he is 18.

Most kids his age are studying in sixth grade but Lucas is almost finished with high school and spends most of his time on the University of Minnesota campus. He hangs out at Coffman to eat lunch, nap or read a book from the library for "fun"- a book on the chemical property called Aromaticity, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Lucas is a part of the PSEO program at the university and has been involved in the Minnesota Virtual Academy as well, which he was involved in since he was 8 until he "exhausted all those courses".

Angela, Lucas' mom, attends his classes with him and told CBS Minnesota that her son hit many developmental milestones early. He was identifying letters by 7 or 8 months, read three-letter words before age 2 and read college-level books before age 5, she said.

In terms of his future, Lucas doesn't have many plans, but he does want to earn his doctorate. "We just take one day at a time," Angela told the Minnesota Daily. "We always say wherever God opens the door, we don't know how it'll work or how things will happen, but He just does."

God is a big influence in Lucas' life and wants to attend the St. Paul Seminary at the University of St. Thomas once he is old enough to become a priest. In the meantime Lucas will major in either chemical engineering or material science after he is finished with PSEO, which will most likely be in spring of 2013.

"No point in sitting on the couch eating Cheetos," Angela said. "You might as well do something good with your time."

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