Over half of UK schools closed by pension strike

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Classrooms were silent Wednesday as teachers and head teachers were out on the streets in protest of pension reforms to the public sector.

John Kaline, head teacher of South Cave Primary in East Yorkshire, told BBC News about his participation in the strikes., "I have mixed emotions. I'm sad about having to take this action in 35 years, and angry that I believe we have not had genuine consultation until this point."

Teachers were out in force today, gathering in public squares and in front of government buildings holding signs and shouting with solidarity. They say they will have to work longer and pay more for a smaller eventual pension under the new reforms.

Small business owner, Phil Jones, disagrees with the strikes saying, "I think the public sector has had pretty good pension arrangements for quite some time, and if you compare it to the private sector there is a major disparity."

With many teachers and head teachers out on strike, of the UK's 27,152 schools 18,342 were closed, forcing parents to stay home to care for their children who are normally in school.

Jacqui Painter had to take the day off work to care for her son Oliver, whose school was closed. "I'm okay about people going on strike," she told BBC News, "I can understand why and feel it's justified."

Not all parents are okay with taking the day off. Rhoda Munn, was forced to take the day off to care for her children, losing her day's wages.

Kids have enjoyed their day off from school, but with no apparent resolution to the standoff parents are wondering if this will happen again.

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