Occupy Protesters Defy Order, Set up Tents in Minneapolis

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The Occupy Minnesota protesters have defied the order of a county judge by setting up tents on the plaza outside of Hennepin County Government Center Wednesday.

The Anti-Wall Street protesters, who are fighting against large banks and the U.S. investments in wars, stormed in to set up tents at a rally at which they chanted, "We are the 99 percent!" They plan to set up 99 tents to signify the 99 percent they represent.

According to KSTP, protesters will not be stifled by police or judges' orders saying that it is their right to set up tents, which they are aware are not permitted.

"Today we are trying to push the envelope on it and see what happens and set it up," Charles Geller, a protester said.

Hennepin County security guards were there in large numbers but they just watched on. In addition the guards there were a number of Hennepin County deputy officers who can make arrests, but they didn't even ask anyone to take down their tents.

"We understand what might happen but to keep this movement going we're going to have to make a stand," protester Bill Habedank told KTSP. " That's what this is right here."

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