August 4, 2008

Alex's Question

Bartleby responds that he would "prefer not to" do everything the narrator asks.  This comes to also include exiting the premises and accepting money as compensation for leaving.  Each time the narrator walks away from the interaction with a feeling like he cannot do or say anything more, although he is obviously in the position of power.  Why does he feel this way?  What is stopping him from taking control of the situation?

Bartleby Question

Given that Melville wrote with Romantic elements is it possible to portray Bartleby and the narrator as doubles, what could Melville be saying by doing this?

Melville Question

Does the Lawyer play a major role in the decline and eventual death of Bartleby in his "charitable" actions? Or does that responsibility lie in Bartleby himself for his apparent loss for the will to live? Is there another factor/player in this death?

Robyn's Question on Child

Child uses romantic language and imagery in her Letters From New York, particularly when she addresses the poor and the wavering state of the economy. What effect does juxtaposing the urban with romantic language have on the issues she addresses? Why does she use this style and how does it help to get her points across?

Bethany's Question

How does Child portray women in her Letters to New York and how could this portrayal have been effective during that time period for female empowerment?

July 31, 2008

Dickinson Questions

In Dickinson’s poem 320 [258] on page 2567, what is contradictory about the expression “Heavenly Hurt? in the second stanza? What do you think Dickinson is trying to express through this apparent contradiction? What effect does this hurt have? How could a “Slant of light? hurt?

July 30, 2008

Question July 30th-Craig

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl was certainly a great autobiographical narrative from this historic period, but do you think that Lydia Maria Child altered some key aspects of Jacobs narrative to capture more readers of this time period? If so, how do you think the narrative was altered in such a way and why?

July 28, 2008

Stowe Discussion Question

Discuss the author's presentation of her black & white characters, particularly through language. Do you think this was an acceptable point of view at the time? What affect do these literary devices have on the reader (of her time and ours)?

July 27, 2008

Final Exam Study Guide

The final exam study guide is posted here.

Paper #3

You will find the assignment sheet for Paper #3 here.

Paper #2

You will find the assignment sheet for Paper #2 here.

July 25, 2008

Lecture Notes Part IV

You'll find the lecture notes on the American Renaissance here.

Lecture Notes Part III

You'll find the lecture notes on neoclassical writing and women authors here.

Lecture Notes Part II

You'll find the lecture notes on Enlightenment era authors <here.

Lecture Notes Part I

You will find the notes on Early American Literature here.