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Group #1 Discussion Questions

Members of group #1 (Leigh, Jesse, and Kelsey) should post their discussion questions on The House of the Seven Gables by noon on June 18th. Questions should be designed to prompt class discussion on major issues or themes from the assigned reading for the 18th. You may wish to bear in mind the assignment sheet for paper #1 in order to make your questions useful in preparing for that assignment.


I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly, but here goes:

How does Clifford's removal and reintroduction to society affect his sense of placement within it, particularly in regard to his observations from the windows of the House of the Seven Gables (the passing of the omnibus, the knife grinder, etc.)?

~ Leigh-Anne

Discussion question #1 Posterity and futility are two themes that run
throughout The House of Seven Gables. Who embodies these themes? How might
one think of Holgrove as the antithesis to these concepts in the selection
that we have read so far? Also, are any of Holgrove’s sentiments visible in
the other characters?