December 14, 2007

How to Publish on the Course Website

1. Go to and click on "Login to Your Blog" where you'll be prompted to put in your U internet ID and password.

2. Choose the blog "Modern Fiction," then choose "New Entry."

3. Include a title and select the appropriate category for the "Primary Category."

4. If your post references another web page, include a link. Most browsers will show a link button. Click there and paste the URL in the pop up menu. If your browser doesn't show this button then you will have to write the html manually.The html format should look something like this, but with no spaces around the brackets:
< a href="" > whatever you want to say here < /a >

5. When you're done with your entry, scroll down and UNclick "Accept Trackbacks."

6. Click 'save' to post it. You should be able to edit your entry after you post it, although I recommend writing your analysis in word, proofreading it, and then pasting it into your blog entry.

7. (OPTIONAL): If you want to upload a file (i.e., a picture, a pdf file, or a video), simply click on "Upload File." After you upload the file you will be asked whether you want to make a new post or if you want to see the html. If you're adding the file to an entry you already started choose the html option and copy/paste it into your entry; if you want to start a new entry with the uploaded file, choose "Create new entry."

Email me or comment if you have questions.