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The House of the Seven Gables - Erica

I found Nathanial Hawthorne's "The House of the Seven Gables" a difficult read. I have never been a fan of Hawthorne, but through class discussions I have a new appreciation for his ability to use literary devices to tell a story within a story. Many classical authors use literary devices to represent their characters, but Hawthorne's use of light and dark and the use of the house provided me with an understanding that I missed the first time I read this novel. Although I found the ending to be inappropriate and out of sequence with where the novel seemed to be going, Hawthorne does have an interesting ability in how he can tell a story.
I also found it interesting how Hawthorne used the narrator. As much as I felt the narrator was removed from the story as he was tellilng it, he still felt completely entwined as a pivotal character at times. Honestly, I think it may have been interesting if the narrator would have turned out to be a real character in the novel or if it would have turned out to be the house telling the story. It would have made a much greater impact on the story and could have provided a more powerful ending.