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Journal #3

The topic this time is deliberately loose, but I will provide some additional ideas in case you feel a bit stuck.

--Choose a topic from The House of the Seven Gables which we didn't fully explore in class, or didn't explore in the way you're most interested in, and write on that topic. Suggestions: 1) The engagement of the text with questions of aesthetics (and the ethical implications thereof); 2) Questions of gender posed by the text (including, but not limited to, Phoebe's persistent role as nursemaid); 3) Questions of narrative structure, perhaps most specifically highlighted by the "Alice Pyncheon" chapter; 4) The text's commentary (or lack thereof) on the political, philosophical, scientific, etc. currents of its moment.

Again, 1-2 pages either hand-written or typed. And, again, feel free to deviate entirely from the suggestions if you've got something else on your mind.