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Thousands of Darfur Refugees Flee to Chad

Up to 12,000 refugees have fled Darfur to Chad over the weekend following air strikes by the Sudanese military, reports the BBC.
This adds to the already troubled conflict between Sudan and Chad. With recent attacks on the capital of Chad, its government has accused the Sudanese president of backing rebels in an attempt to prevent peacekeeping deployment to the border of the two countries where 400,000 refugees are living.
However, the border may not be much safer for refugees. Chad is still recovering from a fight between rebels and government troops last week. tens of thousands have been displaced in Chad, some even fleeing into Sudan.
The Sudanese army said its attacks forced rebels to retreat into Chad. Both countries have been continuously accusing the other of supporting rebel forces.
All of this fighting stems from fighting that has occured over the past five years. An estimated 200,000 people have been killed along with 2.5 million people being displaced, Yahoo News said.