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Medvedev Set to be Next Russian President

Dmitri A. Medvedev was in the lead after the election process took place to name the next Russian president on Sunday.
Medveded, an aide to Vladimir Putin, the current president, vowed to crack down on endemic corruption and to promote the rule of law. He doesn't envision any changes to the stablilty of the president and prime minister positions, according to the New York Times.
Medvedev will run the government along side Putin, who will become the Prime Minister. Both believe they can govern Russia well together.
Though only 74% of the ballots had been counted, Medveded was leading the election with 69% of the votes. Medvedev never debated his opponents but held large, staged public events that were broadcasted on the Kremlin. The other candidates received far less coverage, accroding to the BBC.
Golos, a Russian nonprofit voting-rights group said that voting on Sunday was undemocratic and local authorites in some places out pressure on voters to vote for Medveded.