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Pakistan Parties Unite

Leaders of two major Pakistani political parties announced the unity against President Pervez Musharraf on Sunday, hoping to reinstate fired judges and stripping the presisent of crucial power.
Asif Ali Zardari, leader of the largest party known as the Pakistan Peoples Party, and Nawaz Sharif, head of the Pakistan Muslim League, announced in a news conference the power sharing deal. They seek to remove the president's power to diminish Pakistani Parliament and the ability to appoint military leaders, according to the BBC.
The reinstatement of the judges of the Supreme Court and the four High Courts would represent danger for Musharraf because they would likely be presented with petitions seeking to overturn the president's re-election last October.
In 2002, Musharraf made an amendment that gave him the right to dissolve Parliament. In order to reverse that amendment, Parliament would need to pass another law prohibiting the destruction, according to the New York Times. Together, the parties control about two-thirds of Parliament.
Both parties seek to bring Pakistan back to a parliamentary system of government similar to when the country was founded 60 years ago.