April 19, 2005

TV Show

My favorite TV show would have to be, "That 70's Show." The show is classic example of how friends act and get through life. I like the shows humor, because it is suddle and to me it kind of witty, and I also like the characters. Each character has such a destinct personality it is funny to see how they deal with different situations. That 70's show is also unique to other tv shows. The show leaves little peices of symbolism to help us remember that the shows time period is from the 70's. It gives the show a "postmodern" feeling. Some of the topics and cultural feelings of that time period are always drifting in and out of the show. It kind makes you feel like your in the 70's. The show also shows us how our culture used to be and how we as a nation had certian natural facts and ideologies that have changed. It is those little peices of detail that make this show entertaining and fun to watch.

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April 12, 2005

Web links

-Picture of light rail go to search light rail, then click on, Metro Transit- Facts about the light rail.

-For an article about the light rail go to . Or go to and search for (light rail, minneapolis). Then click on the heading that says Minneapolis light rail.

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Light rail review

While riding the light rail i found some things I didn't expect to find. First of all i found that the light rail makes a lot of noises. It was louder than i expected. Secondly i found a example of somnambulism. I found that the trains have special places for people to put there bikes. I knew buses had places for peoples bikes, but i never knew the light rail had the same thing. I also found an example of syecdoche. The train tracks right away give away the fact there is a train that goes through this area. With a closer look i found that the light rail is quick, effecient, and cheep way to move people. The train can hold lots of people and it has a direct route to the stations. It doesn't have to stop at stop lights, like busses. Also the location of the light rail is great idea. It goes all over, but it makes sure that the light rail goes to places tha carry lots of business. i think the routes are made that way, because most people want to go to these places of business. And finally the light rail causes less pollution than cars and busses, so that is another plus. The light rail is a good idea, but people have to become a custom to riding it and they have to watch the times, that way they can judge accordingly.

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April 11, 2005

pre ride thoughts

My first thoughts about the light rail is that it is quick and efficent. I don't think it is going to be as loud as the buses and i hope that the seating is good. I don't really expect anything else so maybe i'll be pleasentley surprised.

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April 4, 2005

Yellow Arrow

My yellow arrow would be the Wiseman Art Museum. Everyday I wake up to that chubby gaurd and it seems like he smiles at me every time. I sometimes wish I could see something different but at this point in the year it would be weird not to have him there.

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yesterday or something

I jammed my finger, it hurt. I hope it heals.

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