End of the First Year

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At the end of my first year of my two year MBA program, there are a lot of things to reflect on. There were good things, there were bad things. But overall, this was an incredibly positive experience.

I came to Carlson wanting to expand my knowledge of the business world, and I succeeded magnificently. There were many avenues I had never even considered, and now I look forward to learning about them.

A few of the positives from my first year:

  • I learned quite a bit about finance and accounting. I'm seeing a whole new side to things, and while sometimes it's a little slow going, I'm enjoying the trip thoroughly. I've purchased some books for some light summer reading, and I'm interested to learn a bit more about some of the things I didn't learn about in class.

  • I dove into the liberal arts in a way I never thought I would, and learned how they would affect me as I move forward in my career. From personnel management, to business strategy, there's quite a bit of, well, stuff I've learned and look forward to continue exploring.

  • Probably the best part though, was meeting all of the incredibly talented people that are there with me in the program. I'm very fortunate to know this amazing group. Seriously, check out some of the case competitions they've won, things they've organized, businesses they've started. And this is just the beginning.

There were a few negatives, though.

  • I didn't take enough time to get to know the preceding group, the MBA class of 2014. I'll regret that for a while, I think.

  • I should've paid more attention to the class and professor reviews. Some classes weren't for me. Not that they're necessarily bad, but just not my cup of tea.

  • As cliche as it is, the year was much too short for my tastes. I really do enjoy academia.

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