May 24, 2005

Church or no church?

One of the newest obstacles we have had to face is the choice between having our wedding in a church or at our reception place. This is a big deal in our families because Derek's grandfather was a Lutheran minister, and my family is Catholic.

Of the two of us, I am the only one who has been to church willingly in the past two years. Derek is not much of a church-goer, but ironically, he is the one pushing for a church wedding.

My view is based on practicality....I know how complicated planning this wedding will be, and since neither of us could be considered devout in our religious beliefs, it seems easier to get married in a short, Lutheran ceremony at our reception place, and then dive right into the party!

Derek (and my Dad, surprisingly) both think that a church wedding is the way to go...something about doing the "right" thing in having it at a church, and then "cutting loose" at the reception. Hmmm...I get nervous anytime my Dad and Derek seem too in sync in their opinions! :)

Whichever way we go with this, we have to make our decision soon. I've tried to get Derek to go to church with me so that we can select a church and minister once and for all, but when Sunday morning rolls around, all of a sudden he is all for the "all-in-one" solution at the reception!

Posted by tsch0020 at May 24, 2005 9:31 AM