June 02, 2005

Wedding costs revisited...

A recent CNN.Com story revealed that the actual average cost of a wedding in the United States is closer to $30,000, not the $20,000 I referenced in another post.

This means that at this rate, I would need to save $60.12 each day, starting right now in order to afford the typical American wedding.

Did I mention how screwed I am now?

For more information about this new data, check out the CNN article.

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June 01, 2005


The average wedding in the United States costs $20,000.....

I'm getting married in 499 days....

At this rate, I would need to save $40.08 per day, every day, starting at this very moment to afford the typical American wedding.

Wow, am I screwed or what?

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May 24, 2005

Money, Money, Money, Mah-neyyy...

I'm desperately trying to find information on how to save money on our wedding, and I think I found a resource that should help. I came across it in my daily web travels, but I haven't bought it yet because her daily emails have been so full of good free advice. The e-book is called, Fire Your Wedding Planner, and Stephi Stewart, the author, writes the most amazing tips and stories in her free ezine. I'll buy the book eventually, but for right now, in our early planning stages, her free advice has been really helpful.

I've also been reading tips and tricks on The Knot and WeddingPages but the forums there are hard to read because they aren't presented in a standard extended threaded style like I prefer. If they were smart, they'd use a solution like PHPBB which I absolutely love...it sure would make looking for money-related tips easier.

For now though, I've created an Excel spreadsheet for our budget and have modified it as I learn what things really cost. I've found that I overestimated some things and drastically underestimated others. I'd love to reduce the budget a little so that we might actually have some money left over after our honeymoon, but then I also think that we are only doing this once, so we might as well spend a moderate amount and have it be really nice.

As I find more information about money-saving ideas I'll post them for anyone else who is trying to plan the "party of all parties"!

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