September 10, 2004

Recently Read

I recently read an article in the City Pages newspaper. The article was in a pullout section titled, "College Survival Guide". I read the article commenting on how to live with your roommate. It brought up a lot of the issues that rommates will most likely encounter. They emphasized that the chances were small of your rommate becoming your best friend. The article also provided different scenarios of possible conflict with a roommate. One example was having a third party stay in the room for a variety of different reasons from the person being your social partner, or needing a place to crash after a party. Be respectful was the attitude the article recommended when trying to have a good roommate experience. I enjoyed the article because I thought it gave good information on potential situations with a roommate and also had a good injection of humor here and there. It wasn't the most thorough article, but I think the writer accomplished what they were after when describing how to get a long with your roommate.

Posted by gran0399 at September 10, 2004 11:26 AM