September 10, 2004

Tiger Woods article

In my collection of magazines there are many sports articles that I ran across. In one of my Sports Illustrated magazines, there was an opinion article at the end dealing with Tiger, or should I say Eldrick Woods. What caught my interest was that this author actually finally made some sense when it came to the Tiger craze and how he is slumping this year. Most media people will chalk it up to something of the course like his recent engagement to a Swedish supermodel but this author I fell looked past all the B.S. and focused on the facts at hand. Tiger, or Eldrick, is human. He can't win ever tournament he enters. There are also many other superstars out there that don't get the respect they deserve. Players like Phil Mickelson, Vijay, or Ernie Els all have the ability to compete with Tiger. The reason they don't get all the attention is because they don't pump their fists all the time and act like a child on the course. They don't blame cameras for every bad shot they hit. They don't order their caddies to take a camera from a photographer and throw it in the water like Tiger does. In a game that requires so much precision, even Tiger can get off at times. I also liked how he pointed out that Tiger decided to ditch his long-time instructor, Butch Harmon because he thought he could do it all on his own. I've been playing golf a long time myself and I know this is not true. I know that there are some things that no golfer can see on their own. I know I need another pair of skilled eyes in order to perfect or fix my swing. I enjoyed this article a lot because for once, a person in the media realized that Tiger is not the best person in the world. He's not God and does make mistakes. The article was basically in a style of a list of things, all numbered, as to why Tiger is not the Tiger we are used to. It was very successful in looking at the obvious, but overlooked side of Tiger. I have a feeling that in the next year or so, Phil Mickelson will become the fan favorite in all events and steal a lot of Tiger's fan base. He already has, including myself. Phil loves to smile, he's a great gentleman, and he has the game to be number one in the world. Anyone in their right mind can't help but root for Phil. Phil is the man and Tiger is on his way out.

Posted by fris0084 at September 10, 2004 11:29 AM