September 17, 2004

#1 Thought Paper

My first idea for a topic would be theraputic cloning. At this point and time I have only been exposed to this topic through a fellow studentís presentation in a animal biotechnology class. Another topic I was thinking about would be transgenic animals. Using transgenic animals as a topic might be too broad with all the information available so that could be specified into transgenic pigs and even more specifically, organ farming. A third topic to be considered would be genetically altered livestock. This topic would look at the food controversies of biotechnology by focusing on our meat and dairy products.

With theraputic cloning I would use pathos by using examples of people who have died of diseases or conditions that could have been easily cured with the help of theraputic cloning. Most of the audience will be emotionally effected because they know someone with a disease that could apply. Ethos in this topic would be studies that have been done in different areas of theraputic cloning. I would express logos by organizing all my arguments and information in a flowing manner. In this type of paper I think logos is going to be the hardest area to achieve success in because of all the information I will attain.

Posted by hohn0011 at September 17, 2004 10:44 AM