September 17, 2004

Thought Paper #1

Three main topics I am considering for my assignment are treatment of the elderly in nursing homes and if their care is sufficient for good mental health, how ethical it is to keep animals in zoos and the eating habits of Americans.
For the nursing home topic, I could first interview residents and employees of nursing homes from varying location and cost (how high quality they seem to be). The stories and quotes I get from these could help appeal to the reader weather it is a positive story or a negative one (I havenít gotten enough information to decide weather I will be supporting or opposing placing a family member in a nursing home). To build my credibility (ethos) I would have to rely on the statistics found by other reputable sources. I would find out things like how often the residents are checked on, involved with activities, and if they have mental health check ups. I would use audience by trying to have the paper relate to the reader, almost everyone has or has had someone elderly in their life they care/d for and the facts and opinions in the paper should hold their interest and make them think about their ideals.

Posted by knol0041 at September 17, 2004 11:34 AM