September 17, 2004

My paper

For my paper, I was thinking about doing the ethics of keeping animals in zoos purely for the entertainment of people. Another idea I had was whether or not animals should be kept in places like Disney World or Sea World to entertain people. While many of these animals actually enjoy performing, I canít help but think of Free Willey. Animals are meant to be in the wild. The last controversy I was thinking about was the mistreatment of racehorses. I think that it would be easy to create pathos in these arguments because everyone feels for animals. Some of the stories involved in these controversies are just heartbreaking. To create logos, I would have to find specific examples such as first-hand accounts of mistreatment and scientific articles proving that animals should be left in the wild, because it isnít healthy to keep them caged or make horses run excessive amounts. The reason or ethos of my paper would be to create a better life for animals who cannot speak for themselves.
An example of logos for the argument in keeping animals out of zoos would be an article I found on a national geographic website about how living in zoos shortens the live of elephants. This would be a logical reason why animals should not be kept in zoos. This article also brings in pathos because people might feel for the elephants. While everyone loves seeing elephants at the zoo, they would certainly not want to risk the animalís life just to see it. I believe that enough articles like this would successfully persuade the reader to be against zoos. I also know every time I go to the zoo, the polar bears always look really sad wandering around their tiny cage in circles. I think that my paper would have a lot of pathos in it, but I would definitely support it with logos and ethos. If I did horseracing, I would write about articles such as how many racehorses are slaughtered each year, simply because theyíre useless or have been run to death. This should be very interesting.

Posted by lore0193 at September 17, 2004 11:35 AM