September 17, 2004

My Controversy

I have several ideas for my controversy paper. The first idea I have is determining the value of herbal medicine. There are many nations throughout the world that rely on herbal medicine for the majority of their cures. These nations include places such as Chine, Japan, and many African nations. There is another side to this argument, which is the medical world’s perception of herbal medicine as something used my quacks and cons. My second idea is something that is a little closer to home for me. I am considering writing about Chronic Wasting Disease, CWD. In Michigan, where I am from, the majority of people are hunters. The possibility of the disease transfer and the hysteria associated with it is causing a great deal of trouble for many hunters and businesses alike. I would like to look at either side and decide whether or not there is a legitimate concern. The last idea I have in related to global warming. I am thinking of researching the controversy related to the rising water levels due to the melting of glaciers.
In order to write a credible that will be interesting I plan on using the logos, ethos, and pathos concept. If I am writing a paper on CWD, for instance, I am not credible alone but by using testimony from experts in the wildlife arena I can have a good ethos, The message or logos I hope to bring out is that there is either reason to be concerned with CWD or it is something that has been over publicized. Once I research I can decide my logos. Finally, pathos can be used in the writing. I will keep in mind that my audience may not know about CWD or understand why it is such a huge controversy in some areas. Therefore I will have to give good background on the disease itself and appeal to the emotions of a reader to make them care about this issue.
I found an article on the Wisconsin DNR website that talked about CWD being found in Wisconsin deer. The article was written to inform the general public that CWD had been found. There was good credibility since it was from the official Department of Natural Resources website. The article informed people about what the state planned on doing to limit the spread and actually helped to ease fears.

Posted by firn0004 at September 17, 2004 11:35 AM