September 17, 2004

My Thoughts on Controversies

Some possible controversies I was thinking about writing my paper about are animal testing, pollution of the environment specifically possibly global warming or different ways that the environment is polluted, something to do with why people act the way they do or the controversy of the growth hormones in the meat we eat are making us as a society essentially “grow up” faster. These issues have always intrigued me as a person and have had curiosity towards.
I would first pick the side of the controversy that appeals the most to me. I would then inform my audience and persuade them that my paper is indeed something that they should be compelled to read all the way through. I would use lots of facts and credible sources so my audience would know that I’m just not making up this controversy and supporting it with limited or useless facts. My message should be loud and clear about what I feel so my persuasion is heard and gotten through to even the reader who is usually doesn’t agree to the side I am presenting but then becomes open to the information I’m presenting and sees it as a logical side as well.
I searched for an article that was about the growth hormones in the food we eat. They talked about how the growth hormones are beneficial to people today. For example, they talked about a woman going thru menopause can eat soy and not have to take hormone supplements. They were stating all of the good effects of having hormones in the food we eat.

Posted by kamm0038 at September 17, 2004 11:36 AM