September 17, 2004

thought paper

Thought Paper
Some possible controversies that I could write about that actually interest me would be same-sex marriage, cloning, or abortion. When it comes to same-sex marriage, I have no problem if two men or two women want to be legally married. Marriage today is such a pathetic thing anyway due to the divorce rate being near 50%. Since when did “Til’ death do you part” mean so little? If two people of the same sex feel they want to be together forever, then let them and let them have their tax benefits as well. Cloning I feel is one of the more scary things out there. We as humans have enough of an evolutionary advantage on other species already. Survival of the fittest means nothing on Homo sapiens. To make a perfect person would only increase the chances of us taking the world over and eventually killing every living thing on the planet because of our greed to make money and the fact that the only thing that can destroy us is ourselves. Abortion is always a touchy subject but as far as I care, I think the decision should come down to the mother. She is the one that has to make this life-changing decision and has enough emotional trauma at the time. To force a woman to have the child takes away her right to choose what to do with her life and her body.
If I was going to focus on same-sex marriage, I feel that the audience should be informed of the religious and cultural aspects of the subject. I know that the reader could be for it or against it so I need to be considerate of both sides yet still make my opinion heard. I want to try to convince the reader that same-sex marriage is perfectly fine in today’s society since the sanctity of marriage is a bunch of crap and people are much more sexually open today. I feel that when looking at ethos, I want to use the fact that I am young and in the current generation to my advantage. I am in the age group of people that are actually getting married so I would know first-hand what it’s like to grow up in today’s society.

Posted by fris0084 at September 17, 2004 11:36 AM