September 17, 2004


Possible Controversies
Stace Robertson
Some possible controversies I could choose from for my paper are child spanking, surrogate motherhood and if children should be able to stay home alone if they are under the age of 12. I am interested in all of these topics and know that there are underlying controversies in each of them. I have not been able to narrow the topics down to a single question yet.
Consider I was using the topic surrogate motherhood, I could use many different forms of pathos, logos and ethos. To gain credibility I could use many different resources to gather my information on, I could interview people who have surrogate babies and also use different quotes from my sources. An example or a story of someone who has a surrogate baby could apply to someones pathos or their emotional appeal. Surrogate mothers are becoming more and more common in our society and this could be one of the reasons that the topic is reasonable or appealing to a persons logics. For logos, I need to make sure my paper is consistant and the message is clear to the reader. The purpose of my paper would be to persuade people to accept the idea of surrogate mothers. The audience or people that are reading my paper are the people in my classroom and my instructor. I need to make sure that I can make the topic relevant to them so that they stay interested in the topic. In my context I could use statistics, different stories or examples and actually what surrogate mothers are.
Not finished.

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