September 17, 2004

Thought Assignment

Some possible controversies I could choose for my paper would be animal testing, cloning, animal in the circus and children in sweat shops. These are all issues that I have wondered about at some point in time or have wanted to know more about. I have feelings for all of these issues and am interested in going more in depth about them.
To write on one of these topics I would have to take into account the audience that will be reading it. The next step will be figuring out the context my audience is coming from and what their views might be. As well as finding out what they may be looking for and what they may or may not already know. For the purpose I will have to inform my audience and convince them that what I have to say is something that they should be reading. To do this I will use some pathos and logos. I will use pathos to appeal to my audience and draw them into what I am saying. I will then use logos to convey my message in a way that makes sense and that is easy to follow and understand. To support all of my information I will use ethos. I will offer facts, quotes, and information from credible people.
I looked at an article about animal testing controversies. In this article they talked as if their audience was well educated and somewhat spiritual. They talk like their readers already have a strong feeling about animal testing and know something about it already. For example they use words such as sophistication, and they are somewhat spiritual when the say death-for-life runs deep throughout all cultural systems.

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