September 17, 2004

Thought Paper

The top three controversial issues that I would like to choose are same-sex marriages, stem-cell research, and abortion. I choose these three because I believe I have more interests and a little knowledge in these three.
To write on the three controversies I would recognize my audience by making an argument and allowing my text to be interesting for everyone who is for and against my article. The article would also be easy to read. The purpose of my paper would be to express my feelings about an issue and allow people to understand my feelings toward that specific issue. One issue I am more leaning towards is same-sex marriages and a context relating with that would be the rights of the people or freedom of value and on the other hand it would be against religion and economic rights. The credibility of writer would be people who are interested in same-sex marriages or people who have feelings they want to express about same-sex marriages. I want to try to persuade the audience to one side of the issue, but allowing them to think about the issue.

Posted by ewal0032 at September 17, 2004 11:38 AM