September 17, 2004

Thought Paper

1)What are some possible controversies you could choose for your paper?
2)How could you use audience, purpose, context and ethos, pathos, logos to wirite on one of these controvesies?
3)Find an example of one of these(ethos, pathos, logos, audience, purpose, context)online and summarize.

Some possible controversies I could choose for my paper could be the illegal downloading of music, movies, games, and other file applications. Itís already become a large issue since the day the downloading service Napster was invented. I think I would be able to apply an interest in a large audience concerning both the current youth population and how they feel about spending large amounts of money for entertainment, and I could also bring in the older generation audience on how they consider it stealing and worry about future implications. There is a broad audience that can be reached I believe just given the way some things have gone so far. 80-year-old grandparents have been sued because of files that were downloaded on their computer without their knowledge by a teen. I could use ethos by doing research on articles and possibly learning the laws that are in place, writing letters or emails to record companies or artists. I could find support from both sides by asking different generations about their opinions.

Some other controversy possibilities would be rising tuition and its impacts, job outsourcing overseas and what companies have the biggest effect such as Wal-Mart choking the mom and pop stores out of business because of how they lower prices because things are cheaper overseas.

Posted by gran0399 at September 17, 2004 11:41 AM