September 17, 2004

Thought Paper

Since I am an animal science major, I would like to write about a controversy dealing with animals. I would also want the paper to involve information about helping animals. This is why I chose the topics that I did. I was thinking about what I could do and came up with testing products on animals, the beliefs of vegetarians or vegans, or maybe factory farms versus family farms. These topics involve preventing the death or cruelty of innocent animals. All of these topics would help animals live a better life if they were to be considered.
To persuade people to consider my views, I would have to use the old Greek format of pathos, logos and ethos. I could convince many of the audience using pathos with pictures of animals. Since most people find animals ‘cute,’ I could use this to my advantage. I could also use the concept of logos to inform my audience on the cruelty of animals using pie charts and graphs. To obtain my credibility of ethos, I would have to use resources that were previously credible.
I found an example online of animal cruelty. It was from the site It informed the viewers by having a flash presentation. This presentation included pictures of animals that have been tested on. In all of the pictures, the animals seemed as if they were depressed. The pictures depicted monkeys and cats that were being tested on. The animals had wires all over their faces and the monkeys appeared to be screaming. The website also included quotes from famous people on how wrong it is to be cruel to animals. They also provided solutions as to what we can do if we want to help with this problem. It provided an overall feeling that treatment towards animals is horrible.

Posted by rohd0038 at September 17, 2004 12:09 PM