September 18, 2004

Thought Paper

I have thought of many different controversy topics that I would possibly like to write about for my paper. My first possibly controversy is whether gay marriage should be legal. My other two topics are both about music. File sharing and downloading music are a big part of today’s teens it is a controversial subject among the music industry. Also, many people have different viewpoints on how music is classified and when music is considered to have “explicit lyrics.”
If I were to choose the topic of downloading music, I would have to consider my audience. My approach to my paper would be different depending on whether I am writing to someone in the music industry or if I am writing to a teenager who uses file sharing daily. I am unsure how I stand on this topic, so there are two different purposes that I may take. If I supported file sharing, my purpose would be to show that file sharing is a way to make music accessable to everyone and a way for small bands to get their music heard by
more people. The opposite side would have a purpose to show that file sharing is a threat to the music industry and when people download music, money is
being lost and more and more people are losing money every day. To achieve the ethos, I would have to do lots of research and get lots of information from
credible sources. I would have to use lots of factual evidence to support my argument

Posted by pist0014 at September 18, 2004 3:46 PM