September 24, 2004

Transition assignment

Article title: "After bloddy week, Turkey mourns and marches"
Source: Star Tribune (Sunday, November 23, 2003)

1. ....Then he attended the funeral of a well-known actor killed as he sat in his car at a stoplight outside the HSBC bank blown up on Thursday.
At least three groups purportedly linked to Al-Qaida's terrorism network have claimed responsibility for two simultaneous attacks on two Istanbul synagogues....

.....police maintained high-alert guard at places of worship, malls and other potential targets.
Several thousand Turks waving national flags gathered Saturday morning in an Istanbul plaza near the crippled consulate.....

2. Terrorism by suicide bombers has occured in other places as well.

Despite all the bombings and loss of life, Turkish people banned together in a sign of patriotism.

3. The first transition I thought was needed because the author went from one bombing to another group of bombings without making the transition from one to the other. It was an instantanious change.

The second transition was needed because again there was a dramatic change in subjects with nothing to relate the high-alert status to the people waving flags in a plaza.

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