September 24, 2004

Transition Thought Paper

The paragraphs I found that I felt needed transitions were in an article written about Russian oil production. The manner in which the paragraphs were structured were very to the point and seemed to make the article seem very mechanical. The first paragraph discussed an announcement to halt oil production, and the paragraph after that states that it is still unclear about the certainty of the announcement. There was no transition in the article, just a blunt jump from one fact to the other.
If I were to rewrite the article that contains a transition there, I would have written something like this: ‘The announcement came just minutes before directors of the two companies were to meet in Moscow to complete the merger, which was announced in April.
Although the announcement was clearly stated, it is still unclear whether Sibneft’s announcement means that the deal is in danger of being defiantly off”.
I think that transitions are an important part of writing, so they will be very useful in writing my papers for this class. They seem to add a smoothness, or flow, to the information that you are trying to convey to someone. Having a paper with transitions may make reading your paper more enjoyable and easier. In my writing I have found transitions can be very helpful in bridging gaps of information that may make my writing seem ‘choppy’ otherwise.

Posted by knol0041 at September 24, 2004 11:17 AM