September 24, 2004



Transitional example:
What is needed, Ms. Shelton and other dance producers and company directors say, is a midsize-to-large dance theater (1,000 to 2,200 seats) with stages big enough to accommodate large companies with productions – classics like “swan lake,” for example – that require more scenery than a backdrop and a few props.

There are many facilities available thorough the city for companies to use. Many of these places are full of history. However with today’s declining economy, many companies find these facilities expensive.

City center, a 2,750-seat theater with a rich dance history, is no longer affordable for many companies, though there are troupes that do well or well enough at its box office every year. Even if one or more sections of the center were closed to create a smaller house with a more realistic number of seats, the entire theater would still have to be rented and a full staff and services paid for.

Transitions play a key role in our daily reading. Transitions are what make the paper, good or bad. Without transitions, the sentences do not flow as good and are harder to read. They link thoughts and ideas together. They make reading go easily and faster then if you didn’t have transitions and you have to figure out where the author has this information and why it is relative to what your reading.

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