September 24, 2004

thought paper #2 :)

"Arizona's slot canyons are slice of grandeur"

1. "...The fissure in the sun-baked Colorado Plateau, like the other slot canyons there, was carved by water, and water is at work today.
Slot canyons are the Grand Canyon's skinny kid brothers:...."
Transition: Water, over-time, makes slot canyons known for being the Grand Canyon's skinny kid brothers because of their deep narrow cuts.
2. "...:As many as 500 peole a day visit in summer.
Its sandstone sides widen at ground level, forming a chain of dimly lighted..."
Transition: One of the reasons this canyon is such a popular place to visit in the summer is it's breathtaking sandstone sides that widen at ground level forming a chain of dimly lighted rooms.

Transition statements are a very important part of writing. The ending of one paragraph should flow into the next paragraph. I think the goal of transition statements is to keep the readers eyes on the peice of writing, not breaking the flow. Transition statements help to keep the reader from having the question "how did we get to talking about this subject". Every peice of writing should include transition statements.

Posted by hohn0011 at September 24, 2004 11:25 AM