September 24, 2004


One witness to the killing refused to come to court at all. Another ran from the Brooklyn courthouse on Wednesday only to be forced to take the stand yesterday. A third testified at first that a man in the audience was the one she was menacing the victim, but then after a tearful admission that she had been threatened, she said it was the defendant.
This was the scene at the courthouse yesterday. Cops were everywhere, all of the people on high alert for anything bad that might happen. Witnesses arriving with armed escorts their faces hidden to protect them. A town shaken by another murder so close to home.
It has been a tumultuous six days in the murder trial of Drpree Harris, a hulking man with dangerous reputation in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Last year in the same courthouse, a judge said he thought Mr. Harris was responsible for killing a 20-year-old witness to a different murder in a neighborhood school-yard. Publicity about the killing of that witness, bobby Gibson, led to calls for better protection of witnesses nationally.

Transitions play a role in my writing by giving me a way to link my ideas and thoughts together. They make it smooth and easy to follow. They offer an end to one paragraph and an intro to what can be expected in the next. With good transitions people want to read what you have to say next and it can make or break your paper in some respects.

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