September 24, 2004


In an article called “The Search for the Perfect Gift Grows at Small Online Stores”, there were many descriptions of different examples of gifts, but the article didn’t really flow. For example, one sentence ends “And much of the growth is being driven by search engines like Google and other sites like Amazon and the online marketplace eBay, which are sending shoppers to tens of thousands of online stores, many of the small independent operations.” The next paragraph begins, “Shoppers cannot feel the softness of a cashmere sweater on a Web site, but the internet offers speed, low prices, detailed product information and a way to avoid the holiday crush at the malls.” A transition that I would put in between these two paragraphs is: Although shoppers may be buying from small, independent operations, they do not get the same experience shopping online, that they would if they actually went to these small stores.
I think that the main reason to have transitions is so that readers can see the connection between all of the different paragraphs and ideas. For example, if you are trying to persuade someone into believing you point of view, you need to make sure that your argument is clear and thought out so that it makes sense to the reader. The more an argument makes sense, the more likely it is that the reader is going to agree with you point of view. It’s also a lot easier to read a paper when everything flows nicely, instead of choppy writing that is used to get news across in newspapers.
An example of a good transition is in this short story online about someone who always sleeps during the day (the white) Sometimes it was only a flash, like someone switching off the light, and switching it on again at once, and so whenever it was white, he dozed off. (next paragraph) One day, when it was white, he put out a hand and he touched something.
Another example is in the story about a funny man in town: “He told it all round town, how he had outfoxed his Missus. He certainly was a caution!
(next paragraph)
But he wasn't satisfied with just outwittin' her.

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