September 24, 2004

Transition Assignment

The article that I read is from the New York Times and was about the problems of crime in China. There are a few different paragraphs that could use transitional sentences.
The first example is when the article uses a quote from the local police. The policeman was quoted to saying “They were playing games with the kids’ lives. We want an explanation.” The next paragraph just goes on to talk about a low crime rate. I think that a transition is needed here, and maybe something could be said using the police or law officials. For example, “Law officials agree that China has a low crime rate.” With this transition, it would take the policeman who was quoted earlier, and link him to law officials that talk about low crime rates.
The second example is another time when the article used a quote. The quote is from a father who felt as though families cannot speak out against the police, who he feels is not doing an accurate job. Next, the author talks about how much the government paid the family. I think that a transitional sentence could be used between these paragraphs. A transitional sentence could go something like “In place of helping the families with support, the police are offering money.” With this transition, it shows how the police are trying to deal with the frustrations that the families have and the paragraph can lead into the money that the government gives.
In general, transitional statements are need in all types of writing. I know that I am going to need to use transitions in my own writing and for my paper. Transitions help bring all the ideas together and show how they all relate to one another. They show how my first idea in my paragraph is linked to the next, which is linked to the next, and so on. Sometimes, when I read something that does not have transitions, it makes me wonder where the writer is coming from and sometimes it feels like ideas are coming from no where. If a paragraph can’t be transitioned or related with other information in the writing, then maybe that information isn’t needed at all.

Posted by pist0014 at September 24, 2004 11:33 AM