September 24, 2004

Thought Paper

Thought Paper
My article is about the United States loosening price controls on prescription drugs. The U.S. has already beaten back controls in the U.S. and now the American pharmaceutical industry is working on controls oversees. The first paragraph is about the U.S. talking about a free trade agreement with Australia. American officials are working on loosening price controls on prescription drugs in Australia. It also talks about how the negotiators have included this in a range of issues, and it is not seen as a core issue.
The second paragraph talks about how the U.S. plans to work to loosen price controls in other countries as well. The drug industry reports that drug prices in the U.S. could be lower if we loosen controls in other countries.
The transition would be something like:
But is price controls a core issue? It should be included ahead of all the other issues. If this agreement is worked out with Australia , not only will we be helping out Australia, but also ourselves. We will be able to use this agreement to convince other governments to loosen their price controls as well.
Transitions are very important in writing. In my paper I will be sure to use smooth transitions from on paragraph to the next. Without transitions, the paper will seem to jump from one place to another. The reader may get confused and give up reading it and all similar literature, and as a result of poor transition usage your reader will come to support the opposing side of your argument.

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