September 24, 2004


The first para. talked about Starbucks haveing Wi-Fi-enabled laptops, patrons can listen to music. Then the next para. talked about how much they cost to the store to have this for their customers. The sentence I would used to lead into the next para. would be: Even though these free internet access compters are freee to use they're not free for Starucks; each patron but me a member of T-Mobile Hotspot service, which costs $30-40 a month.

The second para., which is after that one talks about Starbuck offering this like a toy that a fast food place may offer. The trans. I would use would be: Liek the ways a Happy Meal works to get kids to go to McDonalds, the Wi-Fi will hopefully get more customers to go to Starbucks.

Transitions are used to make a paper flow; from one subject to another, like butter. It is used to go from on subect to another with out any confussion where that next subect come from, it relates the up comming subect to the previous one.

The Texas Joint Stock Company scam is an form of asset protection scam that these days seems to be run mostly from the Dallas area by a bunch of con artists who got into trouble a few years ago selling bogus Pure Trusts. Having been whacked by the IRS, yet desiring something to sell to suckers, these con artists have come up with yet another mythical asset protection device in the form of the Texas Joint Stock Company.

So what is a Texas Joint Stock Company? It is an unincorporated entity, much like a general partnership. Section 31.10 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code requires that any person conducting business as a Texas Joint Stock Company must file in each county in which the entity is doing business a statement setting forth that a fictitious business name will be used (not to exceed 10 years).....

This was a good trans. since they ended with the first para. with Tecas Joint Stock Company, then stated with that in the following para.

Both variable life insurance and variable universal life insurance are securities. Those who offer these products must follow SEC, NASD, and state securities regulations, in addition to state insurance law. This means that a broker must tell you the important facts about the pros and cons of the exchange. Your broker or insurance agent should recommend such an exchange only if it is in your best interest and only after evaluating your personal and financial situation and needs, tolerance for risk, and the financial ability to pay for the proposed insurance policy.

Your broker or insurance agent may recommend that you use insurance policy values, such as loans or withdrawals, to pay premiums for a new life insurance policy. This activity is generally called "financing" premiums....

The first para. talked about insurance policy, then started with that in the next para.

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