September 24, 2004

Thought Paper

The first article that I found is titled "Old songs revisited by voices of Today." This article talks about all the old classic songs that are being revisited and becoming a big hit in the new young pop culture. This is largly to do with new artists recovering the songs and in turn creating them again into a huge hit. These two worlds which seem to have no relation to eachother are now finding themselves much closer then thought. The introductory paragraph talks about the differences between the pop of grown-ups and that of a younger world. The ending of the first paragraph is as follows: "One, the world of pop for grown-ups, is a land of song where sunsets are dramitic and the pace is leisurely. The other, younger world is a defoant nation under groove, a fast-food franchise in which tornado watched are announced daily." My transition statement would follow as, Who would of thought that these worlds would of ever become connected by the industry that united them both- music.
My second newspaper article is titled "Camel Crossing Ahead: A New Sahara Highway." The end of the introductory paragraph is as follows; "Forget compass readings, camel caravans and disorientinf, potentially deadly Jeep journeys through the worlds's most fabled and forbidding desert. Soon it will be possible to take a leisurely drive along a paved two-lane highway from the spot where Europe kisses the tip of this continent inot the heart of sub-Saharan Africa." My transitional statement would be something like envornmental travels will soon be able to experience a scenic drive throught this emaculate desert with the addition of cutting some of their traveling time off. The second paragraph continues as follows, "That's the idea, anyway. In theory, travelers along this would be trans-Saharan highway will soon be able to take a ferry from Spain across the Strait of Gibralter, drive through Morrocco and Western Sahara and cut 300 miles of Mauritanian dessert.
Transitional statements in a paper allow for flow and a continuational ubderstanding to occur. One is albe to follow the structure of a paper better when transitionals aid in telling the reader what point is soon to be followed. However, in a newspaper article ther is a lack of transitionals because the point of the article is to convey information and facts. Therefore, transitions are unnessary because the reader doesn't need to know where the article is going because all the facts are condensed down into shorts paragraphs of information.

Posted by woka0001 at September 24, 2004 11:46 AM