September 24, 2004


In the November 23rd issue of the Star Tribune I read an article about abortion. I believe abortion is an issue with women but I have never really researched enough of the issue, so I read the article. The article that I read was about a specific women who has had an abortion and what effects it had on her.
One paragraph mentions that Jefferies talked about abortion to many weeping women that have kept their silence. A transition sentence that would connect to the next paragraph could be, after Jefferies wept over her issue she broke her silence by talking to others about abortion. The following paragraph says she had gotten pregnant, dropped out of college and started a career in the radio business.
The beginning paragraph is, her dedication to her ministry is growing and she hopes to participate in more conferences and reach wider audiences through speaking engagements and videos. The next paragraph begins with her saying she is not worried about how the decision to speak openly about abortion might affect her career. A transition sentence that would be helpful would be, Jefferies speaks to wide audiences such as teenagers to women and sometimes men to coop with their wives or partners.
Transitions are important in a paper because it allows you to understand the text better, rather than jumping all over the place. Transitions are one thing I have to work on to allow my informative paper to be smoother than what I have written in the past.
An example off the internet of a transitional paragraph is; Also Thursday, two other polls showed Bush opening up a significant lead in another swing state, Wisconsin, which went Democratic four years ago.

Posted by ewal0032 at September 24, 2004 11:57 AM