September 29, 2004


ahh i kind of need help deciding which side that i want to take on my topic. im doing the topic of file sharing and downloading music illegally. at first i had planned on being against it because its stealing and all that stuff, so it seemed like the easy side....but then i was thinking about how it helps out bands who are just starting out and gives people the possibility to listen to other music so that the radio stations and media aren't influencing us completley with what music we listen to. i kind of want to argue that file sharing is ok....but do you guys think that it would be too hard?? i feel like if i took this side, my paper would maybe just sound like a bunch of bs because i would be arguing for something that is illegal, but i dunno ahh yea, help me if you can, just give me your opinion on the topic if you have one.

Posted by pist0014 at September 29, 2004 2:03 PM