October 8, 2004

Breast Implants

I believe that this is a good writing. The article was well written and very decisive. Since it was written for a news story the facts are presented in an organized form, which is the way I like to read stories like this. Instead of being filled with varying opinions and points of view, which tend to clog a paper. This article simply said this is what is happening and these are the risks now make your own informed decision. There was also another aspect of the paper I liked. I like the fact that while they were maintaining a level of professionalism, the writer managed to put a human face on the breast implant debate. In the article he showed a typical breast implant candidate. This helped me to realize that there are real people around the world dealing with this issue and that there is a reason for me to care.
The article was based on the long-standing debate over breast implants. The number of women having breast augmentation is at an all time high. With this increase in surgeries it is imperative that one looks at the risks associated. In the early stages of breast augmentation silicon gel implants were used, however they are virtually banned in the US. Women are now using saline filled implants, which may carry less serious health implications, have a high risk of leakage over time. Essentially there are still a number of health and safety questions that need to be answered; meanwhile more and more women are going under the knife in the quest for perfection.
The purpose of this article was to inform women and the rest of the general public of the risks associated with this beauty treatment. It was not to scare people, but to inform them that while breast implants are popular there are still several questions that remain unanswered.
This article could be improved by a few minor changes. The author mentioned several diseases that were thought to be linked to breast implants. The diseases were named but not explained in any way. A description of what each disease was and why it could be linked to breast implants would be a significant improvement.

Posted by firn0004 at October 8, 2004 11:17 AM